Feb 14, 2016

Manual news-4y: Valentine's Day for singles

Manual news-4y: Valentines Day for singles

Here come the "terrible and disgusting" feast for anyone who does not have pair - Valentine's Day. The city today resembles Noah's ark - the couple filled all the parks and restaurants and the queues in flower shops for roses sluggish along its length can be compared with the queue at the exhibition of Serov.

While some are drowning in a sea of pink sugary Valentines, enjoy other a proud loneliness. But what to do those who are single? Edition news-4y prepared two variants of succession of events - for optimists and pessimists. Oh Yes - don't take this material too seriously.

For optimists

The fact that you are not in a pair, not loneliness, and freedom. And enjoy it! We offer you to spend the day to the fullest - to have some fun and how to have fun.

If you still want to spend time in the company of men - Tinder. Better don't take this app too seriously and acted like a heroine Zooey Deschanel in the TV series "New girl" - agree on a date and almost all don't waste to meet more than 30 minutes - a kaleidoscope of individuals and self-elevation is provided.

Valentines Day for singles For optimists

Or Yes well them, these men? Well, at least for a day. Call your girlfriends and go, for example, to jump on the trampoline in special centres - remember the childhood. To continue the evening traditionally in the movies. Only for God's sake, don't let it be another romantic melodrama is better horror or a good Thriller, trying to clear away thoughts about the pink cupids.

Valentines Day for singles For optimists 1

By the way, who said that lovers need to be in someone and not yourself? Love yourself unconditional love and allow yourself this day is all that is usually taboo - for example, you can eat pancakes, sweets and burgers, and not to think about the extra inches.

Valentines Day for singles For optimists 2

But in the evening can be fun. If you've never been to a strip bar, now is the time. Beautiful men, dancing for you and champagne will definitely lift your spirits and memories will remain. If you Wake in the morning in the arms of a sexy stripper - well, it's Valentine's Day!

Valentines Day for singles 1

For pessimists

Enjoy nothing - you are alone. Holding hands couples on the street cause nausea and depression, so the best thing is to stay home and be sad.

And sad best romantic Comedy like "Bridget Jones". Stock up on chocolate and paper napkins, which you will wipe away the tears, fearing that your Darcy is not in a hurry to appear on the horizon.

Valentines Day for singles For pessimists

In any case don't change - stay in your pajamas all day, because dressing up is still not for anyone, you're alone. Because of the house but you still did not, you can indulge in gastronomic debauchery - crisps, cakes and all the harmful that must be in your stomach.

Valentines Day for singles For pessimists 01

Have to upset you - to go out still need. In the store frighten people with his unkempt appearance (for shopping you can go all in the same pajamas) and demand from the seller a discount on the wine and sweets, which you, as a single woman, based on moral law. On the way back don't forget to cast a scornful glance all encountered lovers.

Well, now is the time for memories of the past, or rather the former. View old photos, reading correspondence, and tears at the thought of how everything could be all right, here's your next step.

The most logical conclusion of these Valentine's Day - "the Rate of alcohol". Please be brave and in the middle of the night call to your ex - he needs to know that you think about it.

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