Jan 19, 2016

What you need to know about the Princess Maria-Olympia, which is credited with having an affair with Prince Harry

What you need to know about the Princess Maria-Olympia, which is credited with having an affair with Prince Harry

Australian Magazine New Idea posted on their pages that 31-year-old Prince Harry meets 19-year-old Greek Princess Maria-Olympia. Media is already actively discussing new probable girlfriend Ginger Prince. According to many journalists, blue-blooded girl could become a decent party for Harry.

news-4y decided to learn more about the Princess Maria-Olympia, because it is possible that we will hear more than once on this ambitious and promising girl.

 Princess Maria-Olympia

 Princess Maria-Olympia 2

Royal Lady

Maria-Olympia is the daughter of Crown Princess Marie-Chantal and Crown Prince Paul, which makes her the Princess of Greece. Despite the title of, Mary does not know the Greek language. The girl was born in New York, and then moved to London with four brothers: 17-year-old Constantine-Aleksiosom, 15-year-old Ahilesom-Andreas, 11-year-old Odissisom-possibly by Cimon, and 7-year-old Aristidisom-Stavrosom.

 Princess Maria-Olympia 3

 Princess Maria-Olympia 4

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Maria-Olympia graduated from a private school in Switzerland. Her favorite subjects were history, Theater Arts and photography.

In August, the girl became a student of the prestigious New York University. Maria-Olympia entered the Faculty of fashion and photography. By the way, Her Highness, interested in fashion from an early age.

 Princess Maria-Olympia 6

 Princess Maria-Olympia 7

 Princess Maria-Olympia 8


In 17 years, Maria-Olympia had an internship in fashion house Dior. In addition, the girl managed to go on the cover of Tatler, and give an interview.

The Princess also becomes a frequent guest fashion: girl sits at the forefront of the show Michael Kors, Valentino and many others. Photos with impressions girl publishes in its account on Instagram, where she signed Bole 56 thousand.

By the way, among the many relatives is the Princess, whose name is known in the fashion world. Cousin Maria-Olympia-16-year-old granddaughter of the famous-Talita Diane von Furstenberg. Thus, the Greek Princess has a relationship with the designer, but it will only be a plus in future career.

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