More than friendship: Justin Bieber has posted a romantic picture with Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber romantic picture with Hailey Baldwin

Singer Justin Bieber has long not been seen in a serious relationship. And today on the page in Instagram stars appeared romantic photo with Hailey Baldwin. In the picture the lovers kiss passionately.

Earlier, fans had any doubts about a romantic relationship between singer Justin Bieber and a young model and dancer Hailey Baldwin - daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin. Many believed that Hailey and Justin are just friends. However, the last photo clearly shows that celebrities meet.

Justin Bieber has posted a romantic picture with Hailey Baldwin

Haley and Justin are now on vacation on the island of Anguilla. This journey cannot be called romantic, because in addition to lovers, the resort rests Bieber's father, his stepmother, brother, sister and grandparents. However, numerous family does not prevent the lovers have a good time.

According to Hailey Baldwin, she knows Bieber 13 years and they have long been good friends. Apparently, their relationship developed into something more.

Justin Bieber with Hailey Baldwin

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