Jan 22, 2016

Finest hour: the stranger from Instagram Justin Bieber has a new job Babysitting for the podium

Finest hour: the stranger from Instagram Justin Bieber has a new job Babysitting for the podium

17-year-old Cindy Kimberly, Justin Bieber "declared wanted" in Instagram, posting her picture with the comment, "Oh my God! Who's this?" - found after three days. All thanks to the multimillion army of fans Bieber, Justin sent the links to Instagram accounts, the owners of which are similar to the new hobby of the artist.

Their efforts were crowned with success. It turned out that the beautiful stranger 17 - year-old student who moonlights as a nanny for three euros per hour, and concurrently a fan of Bieber.

Suddenly becoming a star of social networks, a girl from a small Spanish town of Denia, near Benidorm, woke up famous. Glory at first frightened her, but after a while Cindy got used to the changes:

It's like a fairytale!
Cindy Kimberly Instagram Photo 1

And let Justin have not signed up for the updates her profile on Twitter, the media frenzy has not passed for it completely - she got hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and received a lot of great deals.

She left a Babysitting job, having the chance to start modeling career, and a month to get to the podium at the fashion Week in Madrid.

Justin changed my life. At first I didn't know what to do with befallen me popular, but not anymore.

Cindy Kimberly Instagram Photo 2

However, drop out of school for the catwalk Cindy is not going. Moreover, her plans include a degree in art history.

My mom will not let me lose my head. She always encouraged me to focus on school and work.

As expected a future star, at biography Kimberly even has dark spots. So, in 2013, Cindy had trouble with the law. It is an administrative offence is drinking alcohol on the street. In other matters, among Hispanic adolescents, such cases are not uncommon.

Cindy Kimberly

Cindy Kimberly

Cindy Kimberly