Jan 13, 2016

Daughter Orbakaite educates children Pugacheva

Daughter Orbakaite educates Lisa and harry galkin children Pugacheva

Three Claudia is often seen with the heirs of the divas a two- Lisa and harry galkin. Children spend a lot of time together, but, according to Kristina Orbakaite, her daughter is more independent and has an aunt and uncle.

The prima Donna of the national stage Alla Pugacheva big family. The singer, along with her husband Maxim Galkin has two children Lisa and Harry. In this case, a large "woman who sings" and about his eldest daughter, the artist Kristina Orbakaite. The singer together with the whole family welcome in the house of divas. Moreover, that very Christina as well as her famous mom raises her little daughter Claudia, who is friends with Lisa and harry galkin.

Daughter Kristina Orbakaite educates children Pugacheva

However, despite the fact that her daughter Orbakaite older children Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, only a year and a half, the girl in dealing with them reveals himself as more Mature and even tries to bring up their aunt and uncle. In the program "Alone with Smee" Christine said leading Julia men'shovoy that Claudia spends a lot of time with  Lisa and harry galkin, and even takes care of the kids. According to Orbakaite, kids often play together, three-year and even Claudia is raising her young aunt and uncle. "She's kind of little loves, and she even tries to bring them up, they have a table there, they have dinner together. They have a full commune," shared Christina. Recall that Kristina Orbakaite raising three children. As noted by the artist of Russia, all its successors are of different ages, different surnames and religion. Her elder son Nikita – Orthodox, and the average Denis – Muslim. And the youngest daughter of Claudius, mother became a Catholic. Older kids stars Nikita and Denis are the names of their fathers, but Claudius, in contrast – my mother's. In conversation with the host of Julia men'shovoy Kristina admitted that such was the desire of her husband."Misha really wanted to be Claudia wore my name, because I couldn't his last name to give the boys, in Lithuanian's maiden name "Orbakaite" – ending a girl. And therefore not married. And it would be Arbatine, like my mother before, it was Pugacheva-Erbakan. It if husband. But since I am married to a Lithuanian did not work, so I have maiden and left – Orbakaite. And when Klavochka was born, so very Misha wanted her was Claudia M. Orbakaite, which again is our "umpire" in the face of Alla said, "I think every child should have its own fate. And a different name. And let us, so we do not repeat the names. It happened that we have three different names, three roads, three fates," said Kristina Orbakajte in a candid conversation.