The habit of undress: Miley Cyrus again posing for the cover of Plastik

Miley Cyrus again posing topless for the cover of Plastik

We would be very surprised if Miley Cyrus starred for any magazine fully dressed, but "na**d" covers with 23-year-old star is already perceived as self-evident. This time the singer èpatiruet the audience posing topless for the journal Plastik.

The winter room of this edition will be released immediately with four covers, each of which is a provocative photo, Cyrus. While network contains two covers, the main theme of photo shoots-candy, cellophane and lots of nudity. The remaining footage Miley for Plastik is not yet published, but suspect there clothes on the singer no longer.

By the way, the "outfit" with photo shoots, it seems so much a performer that she decided to go with something similar onstage. This week, Cyrus performed in Vancouver in some shorts and labels on the breast is about as on the first cover. Miley udivlâj us better more often its talented singing!

Miley Cyrus again posing topless for the cover of Plastik

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