Dec 12, 2015

Lady Gaga: victim of male chauvinism and rape, she says it all...

Lady Gaga: victim of male chauvinism and rape, she says it all...

Rewarded the evening Women in Music organized by Billboard magazine in New York this Friday, December 11, Lady Gaga gave a moving speech.

For several months now, actresses denounce machismo in the middle of the film, especially in Hollywood. It is now the turn of singers was put. This Friday, December 11, Lady Gaga attended a special evening for her in New York. Named woman of the year by Billboard magazine, it was rewarded when the evening Women In Music organized in his honor including and which was also attended by Selena Gomez.

She took advantage of this moment to deliver a speech poignant on the place of women in this industry still very masculine. "What I want to tell you, is that sometimes it is very difficult to be a woman in the middle of the music. This is a club for guys fucking in which one does not come", she thus lamented the applause of the room.

"I tried for so long. I wanted to really be taken seriously as a musician, more in my mind than my body. But sometimes when you are working, it seems that people do not think that you have talent, that you do not understand what you do. "All this because you're a woman", then added the Mama Monster.

Encouraged by his fiancee, Taylor Kinney, at his side for this exceptional evening, Lady Gaga has continued its momentum: "tonight is very important because women bring their wisdom to the music, what is unique and special. No one else can do this because we women, we wear life. And we are going through things that no others endure and then, because it is the most important, we are on equal terms with men".

Assault victim

During a discussion with readers of the New York Times a few hours earlier, the singer had also made a statement of the most moving evoking aggression she had suffered at age 19. She had already mentioned in 2014, but returned on over in detail: "I don't speak to anyone for seven years. I did not know how to handle it. I couldn't tell me it wasn't my fault. This is something that has really changed my life. That has completely changed my person. It has changed my way of thinking, my body".