In Baghdad, the first since 1972 year beauty contest "Miss Iraq"

- December 20, 2015

In Baghdad, the first since 1972 year beauty contest "Miss Iraq"

For the first time since 1972 year in Baghdad was chosen as the most beautiful girl in the country, receiving the title of "Miss Iraq". The final competition was held at a hotel in Baghdad. Crown received a 20-year-old Shayma Qassim, who was born in the city of Kirkuk.

For Iraq, this event is a kind of breakthrough. The fact of the matter is that the majority of the population in the country adheres to extremely conservative religious views. Women's rights in Iraq flagrantly violated.

The new winner of the title "Miss Iraq" said that it was pleased that in her own country there are changes for the better:

I am very glad that my country looks to the future. It's a big event brought smiles on the faces of Iraqis.

Shayma Qassim Miss Iraq

Shayma Qassim also stressed that he intends to devote most of his attention on education and assistance to refugees.

All the competition was attended by about 150 girls. Some contestants were forced to withdraw from the competition due to the coming against them of the threats.

The contest is fully consistent with accepted international standards except one stage-catwalk in bikinis were removed from the program.

Shayma Qassim

Shayma Qassim Miss Iraq

Shayma Qassim Miss Iraq

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