Nov 19, 2015

Wow appearance: Princess Charlène shows new look!

In the year 2012, Princess Charlene already surprised with a short hairstyle, for which she had adopted from her long blonde mane. Now, the former professional swimmer again presented a short haircut, where she continued to even a little bit.

At an event in Monaco, the Princess was a really short haircut with undercut. With such a short mane has never seen the 37-year-old. Her new look she took shortly after their arriving in the center of the flash light storm. Her outfit consisted of a classic black dress, a black coat and an opaque pantyhose. To the mother of twins combined classic pumps and a thin waist - all in a warm brown held. Through the simple outfit, the focus on the new hairstyle. The overall picture secured her a real wow performance and the most views of the event.

Nearly a year ago have the Princess Charlene and her husband Albert II of Monaco only welcomes the joint twins in the world.

Princess Charlène shows new haircut

Princess Charlène shows new hairstyles

Princess Charlène new look