Nov 28, 2015

Selena Gomez: "I like older men"

Selena Gomez: "I like older men"

23-year-old singer and actress Selena Gomez talked about his childhood, held without a father, and admitted that she prefers older men and also spoke about the relationship with Justin Bieber.

In an interview with the British edition of InStyle Gomez admitted that does not like to go on dates.

Hate the bye. It's hard, and I really don't like the idea that the guy with whom I meet, have already searched information about me on the Internet. And yet I sometimes look at 16. It sucks because I like to meet older men.

Selena gratefully remembers a childhood spent with lonely mom-actress (future parents celebrity divorced when she was 5 years old).

We have often ended gasoline right in the middle of the road. But I still do not fit in the head, as she has done for me.

Their uneasy relationship with Justin Bieber star commented as follows:

All due to the fact that I was very polite. I'm tired of talking about it. I never wanted my life became history for the tabloids.

Selena and Justin part and putting up over the past four years. The last time the couple said that just befriends-but their relationship is a little reminiscent of the bus.