Nov 30, 2015

"Miss universe" Olivia Culpo broke up with Tim Tebow for his virginity

Olivia Culpo broke up with Tim Tebow for his virginity

The heart of the former owner of the title "Miss universe" Olivia Culpo freely again: as it became known to the press, the 23-year-old beauty broke up with her boyfriend, 28-year-old player in football is Tim Tebow.

Maybe this breakup and not done so much noise in the press, if not spicy cause of the break: as it turned out, Olivia was not satisfied with the need to do without sex in a relationship.

The fact that Tebow, the deeply devout Christian and supporter of conservative views, even six years ago stated that "keeps himself to future wife". As it turns out, since the principles of the athlete is not changed, and even a beauty Queen is not the strength to convince him.

As failed it, incidentally, another sexy star - Camilla Belle, with whom Tim had met a couple of years ago.

According to the insider, Olivia, Culpo Tebow truly fell in love, and the breakup was initiated by her:

He sent her a love letter and cute confession, in every way shows his love. But she had to part with him: he really likes, but she cannot come to terms with the absence of sex. And he is adamant in its decision.

Culpo who won at the contest "Miss universe" in 2012, previously dated singer Nick Jonas. In June of this year they announced the break, and with Tim Tebow girlfriend had an affair about two months ago.

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