Nov 9, 2015

Kristina Asmus told on sports injury and rehabilitation after surgery

Kristina Asmus told on sports injury and rehabilitation after surgery

Kristina Asmus told the fans about the surgery and about his health. Three weeks ago on the program "Without insurance", which, according to rumors, leads Alina Kabaeva, Asmus was injured. Wife of resident Comedy Club Garik Kharlamov landed badly during execution of the trick.

Today, Christine has shared good news in his Instagram. The actress went on the amendment and reported it to the subscribers.

Many are coping on health... Thank you, I am very pleased!!! After the surgery it took 3 weeks... a Picture of yesterday, the crutch behind the scenes. Already one!!! Today or tomorrow and will try to disturb him. Actively engaged in the rehabilitation... Thank you all for the sweet words!! All heedless of the day! Take care of yourself!!

- signed picture actress.

Kristina Asmus after surgery

Immediately after the injury, doctors diagnosed Christina ligament rupture. Stubborn Asmus continued training despite the discomfort. During one of the rehearsals she felt a strong pain again and went to the doctors. This time she underwent an MRI, which showed that the star has damaged a meniscus and torn ligaments. Because of injury the girl has long moved on crutches. In the Ermolova theatre, where she has canceled her performances.

A week after the accident Asmus posted in Instagram the photo where she is with spike in a wheelchair.

Photo of the week, when after injury in sports show #bastrakovi I made 3 programs (bad and carefully, do not run). Now everything looks about the same, only several times harder... a Complete rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee and... more will not scare!.. The operation went well,

- Christina wrote under the photo.

The girl also posted a video where she performs various gymnastic exercises. Looking at the records, it is scary for the fragile actress: Christina famously flips and turns makes a spectacular acrobatic stunts practically unaided.

Kristina Asmus after surgery

I hope that Christina will soon completely recover and return to favorite activities. With sports tricks while we'll have to wait, but to work in the theatre Asmus ready to start on November 21.