Nov 20, 2015

Johnny Depp about the relationship with her daughter: "Lily-rose has grown up too quickly"

Johnny Depp about the relationship with her daughter

Hollywood actor johnny Depp is concerned about the way of life Lily-rose. The star child is always a lot of temptations, and at the age of 16 to resist them is not easy. Sincerely Depp told in an interview how he brings his daughter and feared in the future.

As it turned out, loving father has not confused the recent statement by daughters: 16-year-old Lily said in one interview that is not yet confident in my heterosexuality 100%.

She has thousands of subscribers in social networks, and they were all very surprised. But I'm not. I was already aware of, because she tells me everything. She's not afraid to tell me. We are very close and I am proud of our relationship,

says Depp. And he adds:

Lily - one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. It exceeded me and my friends.

In an interview with 52-year-old actor shares his secrets to raising a teenage daughter:

Whatever she does, if she needs advice, I'm always here. Children make their own decisions, and parents must support them. And I do


Hollywood star of the first magnitude also admits he's worried about the baby Lily:

Of course, I didn't expect it would happen so early. It's funny, when you see your little girl suddenly becomes girl. If you aren't watching it, then this transformation can be skipped. Lily-rose has already started his journey, and I can't do anything to stop it. It is already noticed Karl Lagerfeld, by the way, the designer drew attention to her mother when she was this age. When I see Lily with makeup and other attributes of adult life, it does bother me. After all, she is very beautiful girl, but everything happens too fast.

Depp has shared his opinion on the acting career of his daughter. Recall that Lily has starred in the Comedy Thriller "Tusk" and later signed up to participate in four projects.

I never dreamed that Lily became an actress, but she likes it and it's her passion,

- recognized star dad. In the interview johnny is very sincerely explained:

No matter how old she is, I will always worry about her. In the relationship father-daughter is fine. It has a head on their shoulders and believe that it will be able to behave sensibly and responsibly.



Recently, Lily-rose made his father very nervous. On 13 November, the girl had fun at the party in Paris with your friends. Lily left the event before the rest, in just a few minutes before he started the terrorist attack. 16-year-old model was worried about friends, but nothing happened. In his Twitter Lily wrote:

Friends closed in the house for your own safety, because they heard shots and explosions and could get hurt. They wrote me to make sure I got home okay. I looked out the window, people were in a panic, nobody knew what was going on.

Clever Lily immediately called my father that he had never experienced. This rule since childhood: if Lily-rose scared, she calls dad johnny, who will comfort and support.