Inspiration found: Cameron Diaz is writing a second book

- November 07, 2015

Inspiration found: Cameron Diaz is writing a second book

In 2013, Cameron Diaz released his first book titled "the body Book: the law of hunger, the science of strength and other ways to love your amazing body" which told how to love themselves, eat right and improve ourselves spiritually. The book's success (it was one of the best sellers) so inspired the actress that she again took up the pen to write the continuation.

Diaz released his first book titled the body Book

New book Cameron Diaz will continue the theme begun in the first work of the stars. Diaz again tell its readers how to find harmony with the environment and preserve the beauty (both body and soul) for many years.

Cameron Diaz

But that's good news for fans of Cameron does not end there. In his Instagram Diaz announced that on hardcover books (one which is under a paper cover, remove) will appear again that picture of her readers:

First of all, I want to thank everyone who responded to our appeal last summer and sent their questions about the aging female body. I am so grateful for your participation. This helped us to determine what will be the next The Body Book. It will focus around mental, physical and emotional aspects of aging. And we again want to ask you for help. This book is for you and about you. That is why we would like to see you on the cover. Under the paper cover will depict women of all sizes, types, shapes and nationalities.

In order to get on the cover, need to take a picture and send photos Cameron. Photos of 50 winners will be posted on the hardcover of the new book by Diaz. And women themselves will receive a copy autographed by the stars.

Cameron Diaz

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