How please? A Selfie costs 2,000 dollars with Justin Bieber

How please? A Selfie costs 2,000 dollars with Justin Bieber

Heart-throb Justin Bieber recently announced his world tour, were his numerous fans going nuts. As was well known, there is still something very special for really die-hard Beliebers: VIP packages where you - do, including a Selfie with his idol for $2,000!

Heard correctly! Parents of young Justin fans must soon reach deep into the purse, her children a smile on the face, or rather a photo with to put the singer on the phone. The "VIP ultimate #Purpose experience" ticket converted over 1,870 euros, reported the Huffington Post. Included are a seat close to the stage, a backstage tour, a premium merchandising package and most important: a Selfie with the "what do You Mean"-artists.

Who wanted to beg but already his parents an overpriced Christmas gift, must be very strong: the VIP Selfie experience is already sold out, as US Weekly knows. But two cheaper deals are left: with the star in the package you could snag a group photo for "only" $925 and you get the package without snapshot for "mere" 325 dollars...

Selfie with Justin Bieber

Selfie costs 2,000 dollars with Justin Bieber

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