Victoria Dayneko became a mother for the first time

Victoria Dayneko  became a mother for the first time

Start Sunday with the good news. Singer and musician Victoria Dayneko, Dmitry  Kleiman first became parents. Childbirth took place in one of the Moscow hospitals. And mom and baby are doing well.

The sex of the baby is not yet disclosed. And no wonder. Dayneko and Kleiman are generally very secretive with regard to their personal lives. Her pregnancy, for example, Victoria concealed until the last moment, not confirming the rumours, but not refuting them.

It should be reminded that Dmitry Victoria made a marriage proposal in February of this year-just a few months after the beginning of the relationship. In April the pair played a wedding.

Congratulations to Victoria Dayneko and Dmitry  Kleiman with the birth of the firstborn and wish them many happy moments in life!

Victoria Dayneko and Dmitry  Kleiman

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