Oct 12, 2015

Taylor Swift: crisp and machined for Vogue Australia, she is afraid of losing everything!

Taylor Swift: crisp and machined for Vogue Australia

Taylor Swift made the November issue of the Australian edition of the famous magazine.

And a cover of more! Taylor Swift is a true tornado, which remains everywhere! When she won not all prices, she peals out with his "1989 Tour" tour and is one of the biggest magazines! After having posed for NME and will be offered its first cover of GQ, the now in honor of the November issue of Vogue Australia.

The singer and the magazine have both unveiled this first page on Instagram this Sunday, October 11. Highlight, the young woman appears some may photoshoped, but especially very low-cut. Yet, so far, it had been rather chaste style his trademark. Unlike all the other Queens of music as Rihanna, Beyoncé, Rita Ora, Katy Perry, not question for Taylor Swift to undress. However, for Vogue Australia, it offers a direct view of a pink bra barring the dizzying neckline of a dress very hazy years 70.

Calvin Harris cherie may wish to be more sexy and she's afraid of being neglected. In his interview with the magazine, she explains that she fears the moment where his fans will tire of it:
the public can change your mind about me tomorrow. For the moment, things are going well for me but I'm not stupid, crazy and ignorant to believe that I control the public. The only thing I can control is my music, and whether it is good.
Taylor Swift for Vogue Australia magazine

Taylor Swift crisp and machined for Vogue Australia