Oct 15, 2015

Sexy despite finger: Britney Spears as a devil!

Sexy despite finger: Britney Spears as a devil!

Britney Spears is the Queen of Las Vegas, because people from all over the world flock to Nevada to see their idol perform live on stage. Now, the singer before a concert posted a really hot backstage photo.

At least since "... Oops! "I did it again" know the fans of the blonde looks as sexy Brit in leather outfits. As a tribute to their hit from the year 2000 decided American probably for a so hot costume - although in a modified version - again in her current show to wear. On a Facebook picture of the pop star in the Devil's dress, with the mix of nude look and shiny boots, ranging up to the thigh, simultaneously seductive and flirtatious looks posed. Naturally bright Devil squirrel should not be missed, the 33-year-old pays attention to detail finally. "I am back in Las Vegas and can't wait to see you", is the comment to this snapshot.

One thing, however, is the mother of two not ladylike look, because she blends her lascivious look with a raised finger. At least emphasizes the skin-tight textile but the feminine side of the artist - the blatant sport program has so paid off, what even their followers confirm: "Britney, you are simply the hottest woman on the planet!"