Oct 22, 2015

Russian media: Yuliya Snigir pregnant

Russian media: Yuliya Snigir pregnant

There were rumors that Yuliya Snigir pregnant: if you believe the tabloids, the actress is already in her fifth month of pregnancy.

Outdoor photos taken by the paparazzi, the 32-year-old star captured in loose clothing, under which, according to the media, she hides the tummy. However, there were no comments from the Snigir has not yet been reported.

Pregnant Yuliya Snigir

Pregnant Yuliya Snigir photo

Meanwhile, if you believe the rumors, the name of the father of the child Yuliya Snigir is very known that some media claim that the actress is now living with Yevgeny Tsyganov, who is already the father of seven children.

Conversations about relationships and Tsyganova Snigir appeared about a month ago: then the actor just became a father for the seventh time, but, according to numerous reports, no longer lived with the former civil wife, actress Irina Leonova.