Oct 6, 2015

Rihanna on Chris Brown: "I thought I could change it"

Rihanna on Chris Brown: "I thought I could change it"

Rihanna girl bright and relaxed, so her amorous adventures, which is, not surprisingly, want the legend. In a new interview with Vanity Fair singer tried to dispel some rumors, but at the same time talked about difficult relationships with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

Sometimes I think how fun would I live, whether the rumors about my reputation. People believe me wild and crazy, and I don't like to think about me,

-assures Ri. Despite numerous rumors about novels, star now, she says, is absolutely free and is not going through on this occasion:

I am well and one. Don't really want to admit someone into your life.

Perhaps this reticence is due to the fact that the last serious relationship with Rihanna for today-with singer Chris Brown-simple. We all remember that the musician had raised his hand to his girlfriend, and then, to the dismay of fans, she forgave him, and returned. But, as now says Rihanna is back in vain.

I believed that no matter how heavy are those relationships, some people are stronger than others. I thought that maybe I just such. That I'm practically a guardian angel for this man, that only I can support him, when he is weak, when it cannot find understanding with the world, when he simply need someone to was near. I 100% believe that I can change it. Very cared for him and felt that people do not understand it. Even after the story.

But, you know, over time you realize that in this situation, you become a man. After all you cookie dough it about his weaknesses, failures, even if you say that you want to help ...

In the end, I said to myself: "it was Stupid to think that I can cope with all this." Sometimes just comes time to leave. I don't feel hatred towards him, and my feelings for him will always be with me. We are not friends, but not enemies. We now have no relations at all.

Rihanna said that at the moment it is not easy to find a boyfriend, because many men are disappointing:

Nowadays, men are afraid to be men. They believe that if you're polite to the girl, you open the door in front of it, it means you're a rag and your friends will not consider you present man. This is crazy-not to be a gentleman, so as not to seem too soft. Here is what we are seeing now, and many girls with that tolerated. I don't want to. If you want I will wait as long as necessary.

Singer added that looking for exceptionally serious relationships and variants with sex one night its not satisfied with:

I don't want to wake up with guilt. Of course, I am a man, I am a woman, and I have the desire, I, too, want sex. But what me to spend the night with the first found krasavčikom, and in the morning waking up totally devastated? He would tell friends, and I get? I don't want to do with them and so can not. And it's not about fame, but who I am.

We wish Rihanna soon meet his love and hope that its chosen one, unlike ex-boyfriend prove hereby gentleman.