Plump baby belly show: Kim Kardashian Pajama bursts

- October 26, 2015

In a few weeks, the second child of Kim Kardashian comes on the world. Again the early double-Mama proudly her belly, however in skintight designer clothes. At her baby shower at the weekend showed him almost blatantly.

Actually the celebration honoring the expectant mother should be cancelled - the worries, Kim Kardashian had taken to her brother-in-law were too big. But Lamar Odom to be on the mend and what could be as appropriate to celebrate life? So, the TV star without further ADO not only his family, but also stars like Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne invited to a baby shower. Leisurely gathered guests in pajamas and even styling Queen Kim appeared in the blue-and-white striped pajamas. It was somewhat scarce: the huge baby ball of the wife of Kanye West blew up the upper part so that she could button it only to see her breasts.

Kim's desire is the worst experience of her life after the birth of their son is to be fast again so great in the form as before - for her pregnancy.

Kim Kardashian Pajama

Kim Kardashian Pajama

Kim Kardashian Pajama



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