Oct 16, 2015

Photos: Barack Obama remains at a wedding!

 Photos: Barack Obama remains at a wedding!

Very relaxed and close to his constituents, the president of the United States Barack Obama went to the wedding of two total strangers.

Barack Obama has not finished some surprises. In his last year as president of the United States, he took the opportunity to have fun. That is why it was a stone two strokes going in Alaska with Bear Grylls to test the life of survivor and at the same time raise awareness of climate warming. But then that is what the politician did this time?

Surprise guest

If during the evenings there are always people who are encrusted, Stephanie Mirkin and Brian Tobe could not ask for better as a squatter in their marriage. While the couple was about to say 'yes' in the open air, they agreed to delay the ceremony. The reason? Barack Obama was in a full round of golf reports NBC, preventing them to occupy a part of the club. But while nothing not foreshadowed such surprise, the head of State came from himself greet the newlyweds. A shock for them who have never had the chance to meet a man of such important. "We decided on the time that we were not going to respect the tradition that wants that the bride and groom do not see the guests before the vows. It was a too huge opportunity could not miss"Brian told the microphone by NBC News.

Suitable for the game, Barack asked on multiple photos with guests and even took the time to slip a little advice to his friend for a day. "Do not walk on the dress of the bride" he warned him with humor.

Barack Obama remains at a wedding

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