Oct 10, 2015

Now on TV: new reality show for Michael Jackson's kids

Now on TV: new reality show for Michael Jackson's kids

During his lifetime, Michael Jackson did everything possible to keep his children from the public and the greedy eyes of the photographers. But the offspring of the King of pop has forged apparently other plans for the future, because the Jackson clan went well with a new reality show on the air.

Prince (18), Paris (17) and blanket (13) want to go public as well as their cousins and tell the story of their family. Their common programme showed the first episode of "The Jacksons: next generation", which since October 02 on American television on the lifetime channel is broadcast. The new format focusing, as the name suggests, the third generation of the famous family, specifically on Taj, Barker, and t.j., the latter is the nephew of Michael. The three siblings are also known as music group "3T", which are even toured and have sold more than three million records of their new debut album.

T.j. is an official fellow guardian of three orphans of deceased musician. His younger cousins and his cousin were grew up differently than he, they would feel trapped because of their planned lifestyle and break out the new TV project from the habits.