Oct 6, 2015

Nikita Efremov and his wife Yana Gladkikh broke up

27-year-old Nikita Efremov, known to the public thanks to the TV series "Londongrad"(Лондонград), "Gregory R."(Григорий Р), "Eighties" (Восьмидесятые) and others, parted from his wife, 24-year-old actress Yana Gladkikh. If you believe the rumors, divorce young people are not served, but for several months did not live together.

The actors were married last summer in Georgia. Before the wedding they were together for about a year.

They say that in recent months Nikita and Yana have repeatedly converged and parted, but, alas, to save his marriage failed. Judging by the photos on social networks this summer, the actress vacationed separately from her husband. Yefremov, said in his entourage, now all day busy filming.

Nikita Efremov  and his wife Yana Gladkikh

Nikita Efremov

Yana Gladkikh