Oct 12, 2015

More Women: how will the world look like without men?

More Women: how will the world look like without men?

For many centuries in business, politics, art and many other spheres of our life dominated by men, but the years go by, and now women are not just working in all structures, they occupy high leadership positions. However, inequality between men and women is still palpable.

The established tradition for centuries are changing, but not everyone is willing to put up with it, hence discrimination on grounds of sex, race, orientation, age, ethnicity, social status.

The British edition of Elle has contributed to the fight against inequality and has launched a campaign for More Women in support of women who regularly face similar problems, but not lower hands.

According to the staff of gloss, the movie, filmed the release of the new special edition - the story of how women in senior positions, support each other, refuting all the myths about that on the way to power, they are digging their pit competitors.

Our new room devoted to feminism: we want to get people to think differently, to reflect the strength of women and to share with everybody our idea of equality.

The video consists of photographs of Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson, Queen Elizabeth II and the other women surrounded by men, and after a few seconds past with these images begin to "disappear".

Thus, the audience needs to see and realize how few women in positions where important decisions are made - from teams of writers on television, ending with the major political events.