Oct 6, 2015

Model that eats: new Victoria's Secret star Daniela Lopez

Model that eats: new Victoria's Secret star Daniela Lopez

Fashion's too skinny models continues to retreat: advertising campaigns Victoria's Secret Pink removed Colombian Daniela Lopez Osorio, which prides itself on its forms. Even a little plump girl certainly will not call, but she became famous largely due to its round shapes. Daniele was worth last year to participate in the fashion show of swimwear as gifs showing the "rear view", instantly spread around the Internet.

Victoria's Secret star Daniela Lopez

After that, Lopez has become incredibly popular in the network, moved from Florida to new York, and later this summer he signed a contract with Victoria's Secret.

Daniela Lopez

In an interview with the NY Post 21-year-old Lopes said that the secret is simple: she does not sit on any diets. In between photo shoots she may eat a sandwich, and the look of surprise says:

I am Colombian, so it is not for himself but for his fifth point.

Daniela Lopez top-model

The model specifies that all its advantages from nature:

The Colombian perception of beauty is large Breasts, liposuction and enhancement of the buttocks. All this is the result of plastic surgery. When I was 15, all my girlfriends already did the surgery on her nose and Breasts done and liposuction increased buttocks. My parents did not support it.

Colombian Daniela Lopez

Daniela says that I completely agree with Gigi and Bella Hadid who advocate that the models were painfully thin:

Gigi and Bella are changing in this industry. I would like to work with Tom Ford, Balmain and Givenchy, because they no longer work with models-reeds. And with Carolina Herrera, because she's latina and damn cool.

Colombian model Daniela Lopez

However, as Daniela adds, her figure is not the only advantage.

It's not just the buttocks. Parts of the body change with age not for the better, but the character remains. I'm fun, and I have a cool accent. Friends says that I can forgive!

We will follow the career of this hot Columbine: think Daniela Lopez is ready to compete with his famous namesake.