Oct 8, 2015

Miranda Kerr: Kissing attack of the Hollywood grabber

Respect for this celebrity-hunters! The Hollywood grabber Vitalii Sediuk is known like simply so and without warning unabashedly to touch the beautiful actors and actresses from the dream factory. Now he has struck again at the Paris fashion week, his victim of this time: model Miranda Kerr!

Bradley Cooper and singer Ciara had been the 'treat', now top model Miranda Kerr was on the series. Orlando Bloom's ex a jerks attack himself had to endure now - and the rather unwillingly! Vitalii is the culprit and is already known in Hollywood for his surprising "attacks" on the A League of America. At Paris fashion week, which snapped up "Grabber" the beautiful Miranda and gave her a big, fat Sahil. Quite unexpectedly, and above all completely without fears of the possible consequences. And what is the model? It goes with the situation super easy and mega sympathetic to.

Miranda Kerr Kissing attack of Vitalii Sediuk

Miranda Kerr Kissing attack of Vitalii Sediuk