Madonna's daughter Lourdes celebrated the 19th birthday

- October 21, 2015

Madonna's daughter Lourdes celebrated the 19th birthday

October 14, Lourdes Maria Ciccone-Leon turned 19. The other day a girl surrounded by relatives and friends celebrated the occasion at the restaurant Via Veneto in Santa Monica, California. During the gala-dinner was attended by the family of Lourdes: a 15-year-old ROCO, 10-year-old David, 9-year-old mercy and, of course, Madonna. In addition, to share the joy of friends came for the birthday girl.

The company dined for two hours in the VIP zone of the restaurant, in the finale of the evening the waiters filed a sumptuous cake decorated with 19 candles.

Lourdes Maria Ciccone-Leon

Lourdes Leon turned 19



On the occasion of the 19th anniversary of the girl made tattoos on their fingers with the words "Mom" and "Dad"  photopatterning posted on his Instagram stepbrother of Lourdes - Rocco. It is unclear, real tattoo or not.

Lourdes Leon made tattoos on their fingers

Recall that Madonna's four children. Senior - Lourdes and Rocco - native. The youngest children, David Banda and mercy James - foster. Father of Lourdes - Cuban fitness trainer and actor Carlos Leon. He dated Madonna in the mid-90s, in 1997 the couple broke up.



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