Oct 12, 2015

Kristen Stewart has broken with her lover

Kristen Stewart has broken with her lover

Actress Kristen Stewart, star of the vampire Saga "Twilight" is no longer with her lover, Assistant Alicia Cargill.

It turned out that the pair broke a few months ago, but now it has become known. A source close to the actress told RadarOnline that their decision to remain friends was mutual.

"Together, they came to this decision. Kristen now is a lot of work and no time for personal life. they are loved and still love you, but Alicia only tired of being the victim of a crazy Kristen calendar. They came to the conclusion that I have to break up, although it is very well suited for each other. It just happened that they met not in the best moment, "said the Insider.

Do not forget that Kristen and Alicia began to come out in 2013. He had an office romance worked as an actress Deputy (now Cargill is committed to produce). Given that Stuart took the breakup with Robert Pattinson, who crashed after a four-year relationship, and Alicia is very positive about mother actress has also approved the election of his daughter and called her lover 'very nice girl.

Actress Kristen Stewart with her lover, Assistant Alicia Cargill