Oct 13, 2015

Justin Bieber as Jesus: forbidden album in the Middle East?

Justin Bieber as Jesus: forbidden album in the Middle East?

To nude and too religious

New excitement to Justin Bieber: recently, the cover was revealed by Justin Bieber new album "Purpose". The new record just once in five weeks and now the shock is to appear: the work is to be banned in some countries before the show!

The cover shows the singer free upper body and thinkers pose. Some cultures feel bothered by the permissive Bieber. An insider revealed to TMZ that the album in many parts of the Middle East such as, for example, Indonesia may not be sold. For this there are two reasons: Justin Bieber shirtless and his cross tattoo on the chest! This was religiously unacceptable in mainly Muslim areas. The Insider continues but that the Heartthrob's team is working on a solution and apparently seeks to create a second cover. The fans in these parts of the world can so breathe and look forward to the album, unless the cover is slightly more restrained.

"Purpose" is to appear in five weeks according to Justin Instagram account. On Instagram, Bieber had revealed before the revealing cover. He had released his last album "Believe" 2012. The fans so already eagerly await the new songs.