Oct 14, 2015

"I don't care": Rumer Willis about those who don't like it

Rumer Willis about those who don't like it

The past few weeks turned out to Rumer Willis not easy: not had time to finish touring entertainment program "dancing with the stars" in which she triumphed, as it's time to go on a Broadway stage in a production of "Chicago." However, she does not give yourself to relax and certainly pays no attention to criticism insignificant nothing for her people.

Rumer not care about the opinions of others who don't like her appearance and what she does. The artist focuses on those providing support:

You should always remember that doing all this not for himself but for the people who like your work. Yes, you are tired, but because it is likely that they first came to see a Broadway production. What if they came from another city to see it on your game? You simply can not give their best. They come to enjoy quality shows.

Rumer Willis

During the conversation with the correspondent of the newspaper New York Post Rumer also said that still can't believe that not so long ago made her debut on Broadway:

Sometimes, when I'm on stage, I think everything looks very surreal. Sometimes I think, "Oh, God, I'm on Broadway!"
Rumer Willis

When it came to the media and that sometimes there can be read, the girl could not restrain his emotions:

I was so mad when I see media reports that tai blue (best friend Rumer Willis, musician and creative Director of Black Sparrow - approx. ed.) my boyfriend. How do you know? You somehow checked it? Sometimes the media write such nonsense, you just have to laugh.

In addition, Roemer shared his thoughts on how celebrities behave:

If you are a star, you should not be surprised that everyone is discussing every step. I think the biggest mistake that you can make a media person to be who they are not. People feel tricked, they do not like it.

Not done in the course of the meeting with the journalist and not talk about the style of the artist. As it turned out, the clothes she wears, depends on her hairstyle. According to Willis, perhaps in the future she even will try yourself in the fashion industry.

Rumer Willis