Oct 11, 2015

Did you know?! These 6 celebs had her 1st time with other stars

These 6 celebs had her 1st time with other stars

That celebrities like to look at the partners among their peers, is known by numerous famous couples. But what stars were to each other and finally her virginity on the other celebrity lost, is still much more interesting as the Hollywood gossip consciously made. These six celebrities have is looking for someone from the same industry and had the special first time with him or her:

1. Taylor Swift

The young singer has so far nothing to burn and may include quite a few pretty Hollywood men to their achievements. One of them is Jake Gyllenhaal should have lost to the the blonde even her virginity. But nothing has been of a great love, the actor broke up via SMS, once he not appeared to their 21st birthday.

2. Selena Gomez

The first great love of the beautiful singer is probably no secret more and still something very special. Because Justin Bieber was not only her first boyfriend, but also the man with which she first became intimate - and the same applies vice versa as well!

3. Kim Kardashian

The wife of Kanye West has to show some liaisons, before she finally found the great love for the rapper. The first of their be entered her nephews TJ Jackson with Michael Jacksons. The two to have taken even a serious relationship was crowned with the first sex for Kim.

4. Jessica Simpson

The bubbly blonde had taken above set to save up for their marriage. Whether she actually waited until the wedding night, has not been decided, but she made her first sexual experience with her husband, Nick Lachey. The Alliance was however not long after three years of marriage the couple separated in 2006.

5. Hilary Duff

The Disney actress are covered in the indication of the age in which she lost their innocence. Supposedly it's been old between 16 and 19 years, when none other than Joel Madden broke the chastity of the actress. While Joel Madden is now happily married to Nicole Richie, Hilary is in a divorce.

6. Jessica Alba

Up to the age of majority has the actress kept up the important event and waited for the right. And then he burst into her life! Jessica started, the NCIS actor Michael Weatherly to data, with which she was finally first intimate.