Demi Lovato fan asks autograph in nude photo of singer

Interpreter of ' Cool For The Summer ' laughed upon seeing the image of his essay on ' Vanity Fair '.

Demi Lovato received an unusual request from a fan on this Saturday night, 17. The singer was leaving a party in New York, when met with a guy on the way out. He carried a copy of his essay of "Vanity Fair", in which she appears completely naked. The fan asks if she could sign the image, but Demi just laughed and let the boy without his signature.

The publication, Demi did not bother by the fact of being photographed naked. "If there's one thing I've learned is that life is too short," she said during the photo session in which appears all wet and sitting on the edge of a bathtub. On the design of the essay, Demi proved brave and open to be bold. "The reason I wanted to do a test like that was because ' we have to feel confident with our own skin '. I think there was something on the idea of posing without makeup, naked and unretouched, "he added.

Demi Lovato fan asks autograph in nude photo of singer 2

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