Oct 7, 2015

All black everything: Rihanna bye bye Paris

All black everything: Rihanna bye bye Paris

After a lovely stay in Paris, punctuated by a beautiful meeting with Kévin Trapp, Rihanna left the France...

Rihanna did the show in Paris. She was the Queen of the Parc des Princes at the Classico before eventually offering a sweet kiss on the cheek at Kevin Trapp.

A photo posted on Instagram by famous footballer, who circumnavigated the globe.

And while she took much advantage of his stay in the capital, all good things come to an end.

Riri has ended up leaving the France... it indeed was spotted this Tuesday, October 6 in Los Angeles, California.

The singer was in mode "all black everything" at the airport, glasses screwed on the nose and loose clothing.

For Vanity Fair, on the other hand, the performer of 'Bitch Better Have My Money' has swapped his dark side against its wild and sexy side.

The American superstar poses naked in the glossy pages of magazine of November.

And Rihanna also made confessions in Vanity Fair and not least. She returned including its history with Chris Brown and said how much she wanted still to him:
I was very protective with him. I had the feeling that nobody understood confides to his subject. I don't hate it. I will take care of him until my death.

All black everything style Rihanna

All black everything style Rihanna

Rihanna left Paris