Sep 6, 2015

Yfke Sturm: the "Victoria's secret"-Engel is in a coma!

Yfke Sturm: the "Victoria's secret"-Engel is in a coma!

She was in a surfing accident

She works for Calvin Klein, Garnier and Victoria's secret. Besides Yfke Sturm "Hollands next Topmodel" presented stone. To recover from her stressful job, the model now made holiday in Italy. There, she had a terrible surfing accident.

A few days ago, fell Yfke Sturm on an excursion off the Italian island of Ischia by a motorized surfboard and slammed it so hard on the water's surface, that she suffered severe injuries to the spine. In addition, she suffered a Basilar skull fractures. The model was brought by helicopter to the nearest hospital in Naples immediately after the accident, where she is now in intensive care in a coma. According to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, her condition is stable. The attending physician according to Sturm but is not yet always out of danger. Also, it is unclear whether she will suffer permanent damage from the accident.

Especially tragic: Only in June the 33 year old mother of her small son of Alexandes was.

Yfke Sturm accident