Top10 Instagram 09/04/2015

Kylie Jenner Snapchat

1. Kylie Jenner 444233

Kylie Jenner Wearing one of my favorite brands in-between shots.

2. Justin Bieber 389968

Justin Bieber Love

3. Kendall Jenner 374907

Kendall Jenner see-through cit

4. Cristiano Ronaldo 367799

Cristiano Ronaldo Sunshine

5. Taylor Swift 318634

Taylor Swift HAPPY BEY DAY!!!

6. Ariana Grande 278526

Ariana Grande

7. Ellen Degeneres 141154

Ellen Degeneres

8. Chris Brown 114611

Chris Brown Mood most of the time

9. Rihanna 109511

Rihanna NEW Rihanna X Stance

10. Kevin Hart 98756

Kevin Hart our Looking at 3 Generations of Hart Men...

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