Sep 2, 2015

She's a Burberry model

She's a Burberry model

Treacherous post: Zayn Malik already has a new one?

No band and also no fiancée more - for many this combination would be a safe reason to mope. But not for Zayn Malik: the ex-one direction-singer boosts not only his solo career, but also said his love life.

This reports at least the daily mail and it relies on a source from his environment. Therefore it should be Zayns of new flame to the 20 year-old Neelam Gill. For the first time in March in a London Music Studio met. Zayn with Perrie Edwards was engaged at the time. After Zayns separation young friendship then to have to turned into love. A Twitter post of the model suggests, that's fierce crackles between the two: "life and death in LA - I'm right here!", Neelam wrote their followers. It fits naturally into the picture, that Zayn is just his first solo album in Los Angeles. Everything just a coincidence?

neelam gill

Perrie Edwards