Sep 19, 2015

Rihanna : his new album is still not ready!

On the cover of the new issue of the magazine "NME", Rihanna gives news of his eighth studio album. The album, produced in collaboration with Kanye West, unfortunately, is not yet ready.

Rihanna has accustomed us to draw an album every year, but not this time.

All the fans of the singer who hoped that the output of Bitch Better Have My Money would be quickly followed by the announcement of the release of his eighth studio album, and well no. Huey gives news of his opus in preparation in the pages of the NME magazine in which she made the cover, and for which she confided that she would never be on stage with Taylor Swift.

Asked about this new project, always baptized R8 for the moment, Rihanna explains that he is still not ready, a long wait due to the busy schedule of Kanye West with whom she has collaborated for this album.
We just have to wait to go back in the studio together,
-says the singer.
His schedule and mine are totally different this time, but I think we will be back in the studio this month,
-adds the star.

Kanye West was a few days ago in New York to present his new collection at Fashion Week while Huey flew to Los Angeles.

But the fans can rest assured that, despite the wait, Rihanna promises of heavy.
I am eager to offer them something good,
-she says to NME.