Sep 5, 2015

Psychic Daria Mironova contains Vladimir Tishko

 For the sake of the beloved Daria changed its image and lost weight

Debt of the famous tv presenter Vladimir Tishko is over five million rubles.

Over the past seven months, Daria has changed beyond recognition. An extravagant hairstyle replaced elegant styling, has lost 25 pounds. It turned out that the reason for these changes is as old as the world fell in love with Mironov. "StarHitu" was able to determine that it meets with the 45-year-old tv presenter Vladimir Tishko. Thus from advertising washing powder-"then we go to you!". Now Vladimir leads on the channel "Mir" transfer of "another world", where as guests come clairvoyants. In March invited Mironov.

«Dasha told that between her and Tishko immediately ran spark-shared with "StarHitom" girlfriend Mironova Olga Sidorenko. -After filming Dylan invited her to have coffee, so all began. And begun to melt Dashka eyes. I knew immediately that she fell head over heels. I'm glad for it.

According to girlfriend, 36-year-old recent years Mironova was busy work and raising a son Nikita from his first marriage. Now the guy is already 14 years old, he is quite independent, because Daria decided to take care of yourself. Tishko melted her heart. The psychic has become increasingly stay overnight at his apartment near the Metro station "airport". Vladimir buys favourite flowers, and it is more expensive gifts. Recently awarded the Apple MacBook laptop and a completely new wardrobe.

Psychic Daria Mironova contains Vladimir Tishko

If all you wish to do equivalent gifts is not yet in a position to u.c.l.a.. According to the bailiff, his debt on credit payments amounts to 5 mln 606 thousand, as well as 230 thousand-public utilities. "He wanted to open a business, took out a loan, but nothing came of it," continues to Olga. -Dasha said that Dylan conquered her charisma and charm-she don't need high-end resorts and diamonds. The main thing is love».

Interestingly, Vladimir Tishko-is not the only celebrity that can be safely called a debtor. Among the Russian stars quite a few of those who hunt court bailiffs because of unpaid fines and unpaid taxes. For example, Igor Petrenko owes the State more than 750 thousand. rubles, Gosha Kutsenko never paid for numerous fines order 738 thousand. roubles, and on Marat Bašarove "hangs" duty 48 thousand.