Sep 15, 2015

Photoshop fail: Lindsay Lohan retouched to mega skinny!

Photoshop fail: Lindsay Lohan retouched to mega skinny

Lindsay Lohan is show-off, because the actress is super proud of her body. An ideal of beauty did to but especially you, so that the 29-year-old does whatever it takes to have a WaSP waist. But with their new evidence photo, she is again shot over the target.

On Instagram, Lindsay posted a photo that shows them in their rooms at a luxury hotel. Here she poses in front of the curtains and lascivious puts her great body in the limelight. But a little after the good definitely helped! The corset laced anyway too tight they are - remains there at all is air to breathe? Also, the waist is retouched, what you immediately notice the curvature in the curtains! As if that wasn't enough, the choice of the color filter is more than questionable – the skin of the 29-year old is totally orange. It seems Lindsay have applied too much self-Tanner.

The American proudly writes about the picture:
I love every bit as is my waist as she. Love yourself and be good to other people, then their success, have no matter what happens.
What for a message, but their followers not to fall and start a Shitstorm:
haha, seriously, Lindsay. Are you kidding there. Do you think we're blind?
 Unmasked! Their love words, but know the fans appreciate.

Maybe the American should focus better on worldly wisdom, than worrying constantly about her body.

Lindsay Lohan retouched to mega skinny

Lindsay Lohan