Sep 4, 2015

New BFFs?

Kate Hudson & Jennifer Aniston: Cute Selfie

Kate Hudson & Jennifer Aniston: Cute Selfie from the set!

What a beautiful double! Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston together make the film "mother's day" and send their fans with this sweet snapshot greetings from the set.

This is a film with a high-profile cast: for "mother's day", the continuation of "happy new year" and "Valentine's day", producer Garry Marshall has become the A League can only Hollywood set be brought. Well Kate Hudson and the newly-weds Jennifer Aniston followed her next to Julia Roberts, that early, it was clear the film actress. Now also finally started filming and Hudson posted a sweet greeting directly on their Instagram profile: "day 1! Who is the amazing woman there looking over my shoulder?" It is none other than Jennifer Aniston acting colleague. Both seem very familiar, and seem to have lots of fun at the first day of shooting. With the Hashtag "#LetsConvinceJenToGetOnInstagram", the blonde actress wants to encourage her colleague to now also finally join the social network. Whether this works during the filming, remains to be seen.

But it is sure: If Kate Hudson also continued to keep her fans, there might be Yes soon a new Selfie from the set - maybe yes then with Julia Roberts.

Kate Hudson