Sep 29, 2015

Love shock: Khloe Kardashian friend betrayed you?

Again a basketball player!

This message should have hit it girl Khloe Kardashian! Only a few months ago, she is again courting, her new love is basketball player James harden. But exactly he should - cheated now she just like her ex-husband!

Khloe Kardashians friend James Harden

It seems has no luck with men. Kim Kardashian little sister Khloe is again confronted with a stark go cheating scandal. After her marriage with NBA player Lamar Odom because a page jump in fractions, also their current relationship could now stand on the dump. According to radar online her new boyfriend to have betrayed her James Harden, who is a basketball player like her ex-husband, a stripper. Thumbnail Instagram should now have betrayed the athletes. Allegedly the Lady with the stage name Nelly posted a picture that shows her next to Khloe's boyfriend in bed pretty intimate jelly wit da. The photo was deleted quickly again, however, have seen apparently enough people - because this image is already arrived at Khloe.

An insider revealed to the online magazine now: "You had a terrible fight after Khloe confronted him and wanted to know whom he met behind their backs." Whether and how it now continues with the two, is not yet clear. But here is the fact that Khloe is likely to slowly lose faith in love.

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