Sep 3, 2015

Lewis Hamilton commented on his relationship with Rihanna

Lewis Hamilton commented on his relationship with Rihanna

Rumors about the relationship of Rihanna and racing driver Lewis Hamilton go for more than a month. The couple was spotted during the Festival in Barbados and at the New York restaurant that immediately gave reason to think about the new star novel. But nothing was known exactly, because neither Hamilton nor Rihanna has not commented. And now, finally, Lewis decided to honestly tell, what happens between him and RiRi.

I know Rihanna for a long time. We have always been friends and spend time together now. But we are just good friends,

Hamilton said.

Well, rumors about Rihanna's love affair appears to have been merely inventions of journalists. We remind that recently the singer also denied information that meets with NBA player Matt Barnes.

Well, nothing: it means that the heart of the handsome race driver free, and Yes Rihanna so far is among the enviable star brides.

Lewis Hamilton with Rihanna