Lena Dunham leaves Twitter due to abuse

- September 30, 2015

Some celebrities are joining the social network users, others - leave them. The latter include Lena Dunham, the actress tired of reading the insults in his address, which she regularly receives from subscribers.

I don't read Twitter. But I still continue to write something in it, however, through someone. I really appreciate their fans and their attention to me, so I don't want to completely end his relationship with the social network, but it was never safe for me

said on radio Re/code Decode Lena, noting that now even knows the password for the account.

Patience Dunham snapped about a week ago. Then the girl has published in his Instagram picture in which she was photographed in a sports bra and boxers of her boyfriend.

This photo caused a disgusting discussion about female figures. My page looked like some kind of forum for women haters.

Indifferent to Lena Dunham is not found - its either love or hate. And talk about criticism of the star of the show "Girls" and did not have to since the actress and then throws users on the network to discuss her persona - she consistently publishes on the Internet candid shots that demonstrate her ideal figure, and ambiguously expressed on important world events.

Lena Dunham leaves Twitter

Lena Dunham leaves Twitter

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham



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