Sep 1, 2015

Kim Kardashian: return to sobriety for the future First Lady!

Kim Kardashian: return to sobriety for the future First Lady!

After his mocked look at the MTV VMAS this Sunday, Kim Kardashian played simplicity Monday, while the White House has responded to Kanye West nominated for presidential 2020 US.

Where will stop Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? One thing is for sure, they are no limit! This Sunday, August 30, they even once made the evidence. On the red carpet, Madam sensation in a beautiful dress, army style so expensive Balmain. Unfortunately, it cannot be said that it was totally worth the chubby of the future mother, and especially her behind!

As for Kanye West, is on stage he shone, by announcing that he wanted to stand in the presidential elections of the United States in 2020! Obviously, Internet users quickly responded, both to the style of Kim and wacky announcement. This Monday, August 31, the press officer for the White House, Josh Earnest, even was asked about this nomination. "I look forward to see what slogan it will choose to launch its campaign", he simply said!

But before 2020, Kanye West will surely prepare for a new deadline. Impressed by his speech of 12 minutes during the MTV Video Music Awards, the ceremony organizers think of him as the next host of the evening! This would not surprise us that it accepts, even if used to deride this kind of ceremonies (which it continues to assist the rest!)

As for Kim Kardashian, it would seem that she decided to find a sober look on Monday. Perhaps she already dreams in First Lady, taking the suite of iconic women like Jackie Kennedy or Michelle Obama. Also decided to focus on a more simple look. No cleavage but a ras nude body from neck Maison Martin Margiela, and a pencil skirt (as she loves both), putting her round belly in value. All accompanied by Hermes sandals and a classic beige coat. A flawless sand look!

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