Sep 13, 2015

Kendall Jenner: She abandons her modeling career?

Kendall Jenner: She abandons her modeling career

She will no longer go hungry

Kendall Jenner is a much sought-after model. The sister of Kim Kardashian has achieved a major breakthrough on the catwalks of the world and is booked by top designers. But obviously the pressure is too big for her and she is considering a career as a model.

Constantly to ensure what you eat can be exhausting not only permanent, but also frustrating. Kendall Jenner currently seen exactly this. She is more in demand than ever, is actually no longer imagined by fashion magazines and runways. An insider told the online magazine HollywoodLife but now that Kendall was at the end of their forces:
the pressure is enormous to be always slim for Kendall. Although she is blessed with good genes, it must always dieting and just be careful what she eats to be thin enough for the magazines and runways.
The model was frustrated and have no desire to starve.
Sometimes you think about it, just quit.

And also sister Kylie Kendall is not much help according to an insider at their misery - on the contrary!
Kylie eats what she wants, and Kendall sticking it right under the nose. While Kendall ordered only salad with lemon juice as a dressing for dinner, Kylie eats pizza and dessert ice cream and laughs at her big sister.

Kendall Jenner