Jim Carrey commented on the death of his girlfriend

Jim Carrey commented on the death of his girlfriend

Jim Carrey released a statement which confirmed that his girlfriend Cathriona White, from whom he had parted a few days ago, has committed suicide. 28-year-old CatHriona, a native of Ireland, worked as a makeup artist in Hollywood. The body of a young woman was found in her home in Los Angeles this Monday.

In a statement, Kerry said:

She was kind and gentle - a real Irish flower, too sensitive for this earth, for which to love and be loved was the most important in life. My thoughts are with her family and all who loved her and for whom she was a significant person. For all of us it was a terrible blow.

The official reason for her death will be announced only after the autopsy, but the coroner said that by all indications it was a suicide.

Kerry and white met in 2012 on the set. Since then they were together, then parted. According to press reports, a few days before the girl died, the couple once again collapsed.

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