Sep 16, 2015

Jessica Biel will be engaged in the sexual education of women

Jessica Biel will be engaged in the sexual education of women

Jessica Biel is not sitting idle. A young mother decided to establish infobusiness, selecting the area of sexual education of women. Lessons Jessica her audience will be able to "attend" online courses newfound Hollywood teacher will have an exclusively online format.

The actress admits that the idea about our online lessons came at her head after pregnancy and child birth:

At some point I realized that I know nothing about how my body works and how my body works. The realization was quite a shock. But I am not the only one!

The rule of "he who can, does, who can't do, teach others" in the case of Jessica Biel doesn't work. An example of a shoemaker without shoes it is difficult to call: make up for its during pregnancy gaps in education and is rapidly returning to form after birth Hollywood actress, happy mom and wife cope brilliantly with all their roles.

Jessica Biel

By joining forces with Sondra Pelletier, founder of the organization for women's health WomanCare Global, the actress has developed a course of lectures, which will be available on the organization's website. In my classes Sondra and Jessica will tell you how to change the female body throughout life, beginning in adolescence, as well as about all the possible situations that may happen in the intimate life of a woman, enlighten about contraceptive methods and, of course, will share their own cautionary tales.

It will be very informative lessons, but it is funny and not boring,

- promises Jessica Biel.