Sep 4, 2015

Jessica Alba: Your organic beauty line is dangerous!

Jessica Alba: Your organic beauty line is dangerous!

By due course

Jessica Alba is not only a sought-after actress, but also a successful business woman. In 2011, she founded the "honest company" and sells organically produced products, such as diapers, baby wipes, and cosmetics. But now allegations are loudly that the ingredients of the goods are not so natural as they are advertised.

Jessica Alba became one of the richest women in the United States through "The Honest Company": the value of the company is estimated now at nearly $ 2 billion. But buyers are up in arms now against the products, because supposedly they contain not only natural components. Chemical substances should have been put to in particular the soaps, detergents and diapers. As TMZ reported, that's why even a complaint was filed. Namely, a test study had revealed that the goods constitute a danger to the health of consumers. On the part, there was no official statement to date of company.

Some weeks ago, indignant customers posteten images of her skin after sun exposure, all had used the sunscreen "Honest Company". As a result, Burns, rashes and wound pain. As it turned out, the sun protection factor in the lotion was absolutely useless.