Sep 3, 2015

Iron Maiden: Bruce Dickinson & the tumor

Iron Maiden: Bruce Dickinson & the tumor

Vienna - Bruce Dickinson of iron maiden has to publicly until his cancer after successful treatment.

In conversation with "", the singer stated that the disease still not had prevented him to finalise the new double album "The Book Of Souls". The 63 told: "we recorded the album last year and I just happened on it by having a 3.5-centimeter-thick tumor on my tongue. I recorded the whole album so. I had a second tumor that grew in my lymph nodes - which has then brought me to the doctors. Unfortunately, this is unfortunately quite normal - all that happened in December. On January 5 I started chemotherapy, which lasted nine weeks. At the same time, I had 33 sessions of radiation therapy. I never was in the hospital, but let me maintain at home. When I had my last radiation therapy, that was the end of February, we have officially announced that I was sick. I wanted to finish first just the therapy."

Bruce Dickinson has been incidentally quite fascinated by the struggle for survival of his body against cancer. The iron maiden singer applies now as completely cured. (Reported by fan encyclopedia)